Massage studio

Massage is a therapeutic treatment that has healing, relaxing and regenerating benefits. It has a beneficial effect on the body and mind, promotes circulation, rejuvenates, and helps maintain the mobility and flexibility of joints and muscles. Welcome to our massage studio, full of relaxation, aromatic oils and calm music in a professional setting with many years of practice and professional experience behind it.

The oldest treatment method. It can be used as a therapeutic, sport, cosmetic/hygienic and preventive treatment.

The properties of hot stones have been known since ancient times. They were used in more recent times to rescue people who were freezing. The basalt from which the stones are made is sourced from ecologically pure regions such as Hawaii and Bali. The mineral has an excellent heat and energy storage factor, which restores balance to the body during a massage. The comprehensive properties of stone massage are used to regenerate muscles, relieve symptoms of stress or strengthen skin elasticity.

It has a strong detoxifying effect on the body and promotes the secretion of sweat glands, thus helping to remove harmful substances. Honey acts on our body as a natural antibiotic, regenerates, and has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, besides accelerating the healing of wounds, frostbite and burns. It draws out accumulated toxins in the skin and, by opening the pores, intensively oxygenates, in addition to being much more effective than an intensive peeling.

The aim of this massage is to break up and break down fat tissue and increase blood circulation to the skin and muscles, leading to accelerated metabolism. The powerful techniques used during the massage, which are performed at an intense pace, allow unwanted centimetres to be shed more quickly. During a series of slimming massages, physical activity and a healthy diet are recommended.

A unique ceremony performed with warm oil, consisting of 100% natural ingredients and an aromatic blend of essential oils. Its unique formula leaves skin moisturised, silky smooth and soft. A relaxing massage soothes the body, provides relaxation and relief, stimulates the senses and guarantees a unique experience. It boosts energy and improves mood. It provides the skin with long-lasting softness and moisture, nourishes and makes the skin more elastic and improved.

The negative pressure created in the bubble causes the skin to be sucked in along with the subcutaneous tissues, thus inducing their intense congestion and stimulating the fibres responsible for the elasticity and tightness of the skin. It stimulates blood and fluid circulation, thus helping to remove unnecessary metabolic products and toxins from the body. The result of an accelerated metabolism is faster fat burning and an effective fight against cellulite.