Sauna zone

Renew your body and mind! Relaxation is guaranteed, and you will feel it with all your senses: the power of the aromas of the essential oils, the sound of the glowing stones being poured over the water and the warm air taking over your body – these are sensations that enhance the feeling of relaxation that can only be experienced in our sauna zone.

At specific times, sauna sessions are held, during which our sauna master pours a mixture of water and aromatherapy oil over the hot stones and uses a towel to distribute the warm steam. The humidity is rising, and the feeling of heat is increasing in intensity.
The sauna zone is a textile-free area – only adults are welcome.

Free saunas: Monday to Wednesday at 14:00- 22:00

Join us for sauna sessions from Thursday to Sunday at 17:00, 19:00 and 21:00